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Mullin Electric is a Full Service Electrical Contractor in Southeastern Massachusetts. 
We Install all types of Electrical Wiring and Electronic equipment in 
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties.  Today's demand for Electricity is always increasing, and so is the Technology. We are Committed to bringing our customers the Lastest and Greatest in Technology, Products, Electricians, and Old Fashion Service.     

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At Mullin Electric, We Can Design And Build Your Next Electrical Wiring Project.

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Mullin Electric Is a Family Owned and Operated Business Serving Southeastern Massachusetts for 25 Years.
  Recent Projects Installed By Mullin Electric
This is a photo of the New LED Flood Light Installed By a Electrician @ Mullin Electric. This fixture replaced a three head spot light, At 150 watts per head.That's a total of 450 watts being  consumed by our
customer to light up their back yard. WOW That's not good today because the cost of electricity is at an all time high. In Southeastern Massachusetts your paying about .13 cents per KWH. Remember that electric meter on the outside of your Home or Business is always turning. So Lets Do The Math. This New LED Light Fixture only uses 36 Watts, So if you take the 450 Watts - 36 Watts from the new fixture that = 414 Watts  Saved. Now 414 Watts Saved X Total hours used for one year 4380 X .13 Cents Per KWH = 235,731.60 Now Divide that by 1000 = $235.73 Dollars saved per year. Now That folks is  Smart Technology Installed By Mullin Electric at work for you. The cost of this fixture we pay for itself within 18 months Including the Installation cost of the fixture. Did I tell you it gets even better. This New LED Fixture is Rated at 100,000 Hrs which = 22.8 Years of life. So lets look at the cost of replacing those old spot lights at $7.00 each for the next 22 years. Did you have to drive to your local hardware store and buy them then come back and set up a ladder to put them in for the next 22 years. Look at the cost of 22 years X $14.00 for two spot lights $308.00. Spot lights are only Rated for 2000 Hrs. You also can call your Electrician for the next 22 years and have him replace the spot lights for you at a cost. You will Save Money all the way around when you switch to The New LED Lighting Installed By Mullin Electrical Contractor.
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This is a photo of two car lifts that were installed in a Car Dealership with a Commercial Repair Garage. We installed a custom EMT piping job from electric panel to the lifts, Wired the lifts with safety limit switches and a 2 hp motors.  
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This is a Photo of a New 200 Amp. 240 Volt Copper Electrical Service that 
Mullin Electric installed in Fairhaven, MA.
 We installed copper wire
 in a galvanize pipe.
 2 1/2" Heavy Galvanize  Pipe is required by Nstar Electric for overhead services.
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